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Basic FAQs

ZShorten is a platform which provides to you the way to short your URL and manage your URLs easily. If you've already known about Goo.gl or Bit.ly then we would say that ZShorten do the exactly the same with those services but there are more and more advanced features.
First, ZShorten is absolutely FREE for standard users, you can short as much as you want, no cost.

ZShorten also provides advanced analytics data for you. If you are an Online Marketer then ZShorten is the place you should stay with.

ZShorten has the ability to CHANGE your original URL even your short URL is ON AIR (Running on a Facebook Ads etc...)

AND MORE! Stay tuned!
YES! Our servers have 24/7 backup system and UPTIME is 99.99% so you don't need to worry about losing your URL. You can check the Uptime Status HERE

Payment FAQs

Currently, we support for Debit/Credit card and Paypal.
YES! You can make payment by Paypal with just ONE-CLICK, see more HERE .
YES! You can get 30days Trial of PRO MEMBERSHIP with just ONE-CLICK, see more HERE .
NO! We are using Stripe to make the payment process. Therefore, your credit card will be safe at Stripe side, and we don't have any permission on your credit card.
YES! You can do it on your profile page HERE.
Your URLs still exist and working BUT Every features of PRO will be paused, you CAN'T create new, edit or remove rules, tags and notes..
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